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like the title is saying I made a chat where you will role play everything you want, as far as it is found or can be found in the art world, which mean literature, painting, sculpture or architecture.
here it is, and it is always open:…
OK I said it in the story, I'll say it here to, I want you to help me write a great novel who wants to be involved in it let's do it but there is a little problem I will write it here (my version, which some times will be inserted in the main story, by you or me) and you will write it on this site:…
so plz help, and if you do I will maybe involve you in an other story I write one of your choice, or in the one that is stated under the gift part, yes, as soon as I will have time I will continue that story, also I will need some approbation but this is nothing to be feared.
the story names joker's story is finally up after I messed up with it's first form and a long way of deciding if it wil be up again or not but it seems that the bronies helped me a lot because I almost wrote another part of the Equestria's fall series.
So from now on I will write my interactive stories in this way: no matter what I will write them but I will post future chapters from you to choose or as a sneak peak, if one title pleases you, feel free to tell me to write it sooner
now that I posted all the already written chapters I announce you that all the chapters that are available will become new chapters for the story but I need to ask you if you want to vote fore them or just suggest me what chapter to write and when? it will be more easy for me like this, OK I will ad new options with all of them and when a full list is written they will be erased and will make a small description of the next one but i still want this to be interactive so please tell me what to do with them
I decided to turn my interactive story: "The life of the princes" in a contest, you have to vote from options and if the one already written get to be at equality to other option it will be published along side with the others following chapters and the chosen option will became the next chapter of it. Also the options remain even if a chapter is written so you get to have a lot of options if you vote the already written one.
Finally the prise is a gift story as the chapter but you must give me the description of the character you want to get in there or a very short self portrait if you want to be featured in it, feel free to have the most insane descriptions for your character or persona as long as is acceptable for a fairy tail.
I'll start a new story that will be interactive, the one that is runing is stil available but want to write abut something else than fairy tails, so need ideas, please note that the one that ir running right now has dinosaurs monsters fairytails and superheros in it but you just need to vote and tell me what to do with it, the new one can have those to but need a setting more relieble and so need ideas, that is why I'm asking you what do you want for both the stories not just the new one cause I can make them crose eachother if you asck for that