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The story I will now tell you
Will it be a little scary?
Nah, because I know thou
I will try to be less Carrie!

Our little story starts in a day when a mysterious sound was herd from the nearby cave that can be seen from the town. in the town every one was preparing for the celebration but when that strange noise was herd, many of the town's people started acting strange and than started to go to the cave, no one knew why the had done that but it was clear that once they all entered there they disappeared and now the forests that shelters the cave is full of monsters, which many of the ones that weren't affected assume that are those very people that acted strange, the people that remained after that weak of the sound have all lost some dear ones to the sound other just moved from the town but now a stranger come in town and he is not alone, a beautiful girl and a strange doctor came with him, they claim they are just adventures but no one really believes them, in a technologically advanced world to be an adventurer means to go deep in the wild where there are no civilisation not in a small town looking for trouble so yeah every one thinks they are planing something.
Now our little group is indeed aware of the things that happened around the town and are here to fix the thing but how to tell the people that what they thought was indeed real? Well to answer that question we just need to follow them on their way to the city hall and see what they talk with the mayor:
"Good morning, mister... er... I didn't catch your name... could you repeat it please?" said the secretary
"Anthony...that is the name, and I didn't told it because you didn't ask for it." he replied
"Oh...oh are right, so what business do you have in town, I understand that you are adventurers, funny place to start an adventure, I would recommend the forests that surround us but this is not my business right?" she added "Well mayor McRough will gladly welcome you in his office now, but he is not so interested in your business in town and he rather tell you to leave the town than go on with your <<adventure>>." she completed
"OK, good to know this, thanks to sharing this information with us, we will be careful." Anthony stated.
"Well if this is settled please get in" she said  leading the trio to the mayor's office.
It is interesting that you may guessed that the trio is formed from three members of the immortals, which you already know Mr, Anthony is just fear and this is one of those occasions he actually used his birth-name as for the others the girl is either Zoey Hanson aka Ichigo Momomiya or little red aka queen of wolves and the doctor either Victor Frankenstein or Henry Jekyll aka Edward Hyde so yeah high chances to be them, but what if not? well we shall see there is a reason this story is called lead by a moron. but for now let see what our immortals talk with the mayor 
"So mister Marcus, i understand that you have come to our town to get some adrenaline in you body but I am afraid that apart those monster infested forests we have nothing and to reach the cave is almost impossible so I am forced to ask you to leave us alone and go as soon as you can, I will even go as far as to forbid you to go to the forests because every one in this town has someone in there and we don't want you to disturb them even in this form they are having now." told the mayor to them.
"But mister McRough that is the exact reason We came here, we can help you, I assure that miss red here and Mr. Frankenstein are good people and all we want is to go to the cave, because i know what happened in there and with all the people that <<went missing>> in it after that sound was heard, so i think it is in your advantage to let us help you, I can't stop thinking of what will say your wife or daughter say if they would've know that you had a chance to save them but kicked it away" said Fear
"I am sorry but there is nothing you can possibly do to help them. So once again I will have to ask you to leave the town. trust me if I could know a way to help them I will get to it, but now nobody want's to listen to us so I resigned to not search for help any more..." added the mayor
"Not even if this help is sent by the president?" asked red
"Red, don't..." try Fear to say
"What this is the case, he told you to show him the letter if this happens, I know i had some troubles with him in my town, and even if you can evade with this I can't so you'd better show him the letter as you were instructed to do, after all this thing may be a national security matter based on what we know." said Red
fear is sent to a small town to investigate some transformation trouble and it is accompanied by Red and Frankenstein in this mission, now if you think he is comfortable with this one you are wrong, sending him with this two in a mission is like sending him to hell only to unclog the toilet Lucifer uses and he clogged a day before.
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Submitted on
July 16, 2016
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