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"How did we ended up in this situation, I mean really HOW?!??!??" asked Moth
"It could've been worse, you know, we could've been captured." stated Jersey
"Will you to shut up!? I'm the one who caries you and I'm not complaining as a cry baby!" said Fear "Now let's go, we only... have one... step to make" he added while he tried to hold a grip on the unsteady cliff they were trying to climb, when suddenly he lost his grip and a large section of the rock collapsed "Whoa...!!! Hold on, sorry for that, this outpost is wet and slippery and is fragile!!!"
"Well next time you better try not to take an aim to us, I mean we have our fights but now is not the time to try and kill us!!" said Moth
"It Won't happen again! I hope."
"Well, we need to get out of this quick cause neither I nor moth can fly while we have our wings wet, unfortunately you have none of your powers cause that might have saved time!"
"Hehe easy to say than done Jersey, I can't fly in the dark and I can't carry moth either he is simply to heavy for me, trust me I tried and his wings would've been in my way anyway!"
"OK enough talking, more climbing, we need to get up there fast, although when we were falling i saw that this waterfall is in steps so I don't think we have any chance but to climb again!"
"Well these are good news, we don't know if after the wall of water could be a cave on one of this steps, that would be a good stop place or a way out, we are in a cave after all!"
"The chances are low, and without hope here we might not have them with your lack of power!"
"Ha Ha Ha, you forgot who you are talking with Moth, i always have bad luck but I also have linked Balcifer to me so we can be lucky now, but enough talking, I'm gonna need some help to get you up here now that i got on this step!"

few minutes later:

"Guys I've found a crack in the wall we can sit here and rest a while, and then we can try to climb this next step!" said Fear
"Good, it seems that you really are a lucky jinx, now i understand why Baal regrets the pact he had done to you. Wait where's Jersey?"
"Guys, guys, guys, GUYS!!! Quick come here! I've found a possible way out, it is behind the waterfall!" said jersey while running towards them.

couple moments later:

"How on earth did you... wait what the Heck were you doing here any way!?"
"Well Moth i had to...! you know...! call of the nature...!"
"Ew, don't even mention it OK?! don't want o know what have you done in here, any way, is this a way out or...?!"
"It look's like a bigger fissure than the one I've found but this one climbs to some sort of a tunnel, so who wants to do an expedition inside i sure want, are you guys coming!?" said Fear while he rushed inside.
"HEEY WAIT FOR US DON'T LET US HERE!!!" shouted Moth and Jersey while rushing after him.
Moth, Jersey and Fear found themselves trapped at the bottom of a cave that is crossed by an underground river and this is what happens
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Submitted on
December 7, 2016
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Mature Content