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"God night sis, sleep well!" she said smiling to her sister and heading to her own chamber.
But on the way to her chamber she felt something old and evil creeping on inside her mind and that thing made her sigh. It was an old feeling she thought she conquered long ago in that cave, and now it was coming again, she knew what she had to do if this ever happened but now she just thought it was the fatigue, after all she had to rise the moon and was she really exhausted after it, maybe tomorrow she will do what will be necessary to stop the evil to rise again, until then she will need some sleep.
She thought she would have a good sleep and will forget about some long lost nightmares, but those night meres won't leave her alone so easy, she had to fight them and eventually she woke in the middle of the night frightened by an horrible nightmare, or this is what she thought it was. But even if that nightmarish premonition just woke her up it also awoke something else inside her mind, something that saw this premonition as an escape pod for her to get inside the princess mind again, after all those years of isolation and now it got the power to make her life a real nightmare while letting her see al of this, but before this it had to announce her return to her weak part:
"God, that was a horrible nightmare!" the princes said for herself, unaware of the hidden evil that lurked inside her mind.
"Was it really that bad?" said a haunting voice "I remember we had done worst than that." the voice added
", no, no, you can't be real, they destroyed you back then in the cave, in the night of my return from the exile." the scared princes said
"Were they? or they only made it so it will be impossible for me to reach to you again?" said the voice
"What are you implying? That you are some how connected with me and for you to be destroyed I must die... demon?" asked the princes
"Wow I thought you were smarter than this but is clearly that all the knowledge was transferred to me when I was made or when I first got out to the surface, which is not so impossible since the only one of us which was really interested in being awake in class in the school was me." said the voice
"What are you implying? The thing you said can't be true, you first appeared in that horrible day!" said the frightened princes
"Was I, really? Or that was only the day you became aware of me?, let just see who you see in the mirror to test your theory" said the voice and the princess felt how her body climbed down the bed and headed to the mirror, that was the moment she closed her eyes in an effort of not believing what that voice was telling her, but it was in vain, the voice soon opened her eyes and all that the princess could see was her reflection, only that it wasn't quite her, there were times when the image flashed to a completely different sight, a sight that gave her chills on the back, the demon have returned, Nightmare moon was there and she wasn't able to do nothing to stop her. After she showed this to Luna, nightmare returned to Luna's original form and went to bed not letting Luna act, yet. Tomorrow will be a great day, she will rule the kingdom again but now she needed some rest.
Princess Luna is having a rough night after getting a hellish premonition trough a horrible nightmare.
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August 6, 2016
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Mature Content