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"I hate him, I hate when he is doing this." said Sy
"We all do but this time he helped us a lot, it is a pity that Jason couldn't remain to help us tough" said Tim "but they have to deal with that crisis on the earth and with that on Equestria" he added.
"You know as better as me that both of them were started by him and that he is the one that will stop them, Fear I mean, and that he really needs Jason for this, the only thing that let us out of that is the crisis we have here on Dinotasia." said Sy
"Are you to planing to stay there all the road and complain about what Fear has done or help us move this tree out of the way to can get access to the cave early?" asked both Rex and Spiney "Come and help us Sharon and Paradox walked there but we need that carriage there to, it is already bad that your brother found the cave before us and decided to block the access to it, who knows if he doesn't wait us to fall in an ambush when we will return so stop complaining and start helping us!" added Spiney.
"Oh the great fisher king got mad, but wait I don't see your boat nearby so I think I am safe" Joked Sy making Spiney to turn to him in an angry ready to fight pose which made him regret that joke:
"Sorry, I didn't saw how tense you were, really I am sorry" said Sy
"You are always like this and I had enough of your jokes Sy so you better be ready for a fight right now because i won't let you..." said Spiney before being hit by Rex and knocked out a little
"YOU TOO STOP THIS FIGHT RIGHT NOW, WE HAVE MATTERS FAR MORE IMPORTANT THAN A SIMPLE FIGHT OVER A JOKE!!! We are all tense due to Asi's threat, but this is not the time to start a fight." said Rex
"You are right let's move this log out of the way and get the job done." replied Sy "Sorry Spiney I didn't mean to hurt your feelings now." "Don't worry I was rushing to, the tension of this situation is horrible." replied Spiney
After they clear the way to the cave and entering it they found a very harsh part of reality, Asi destroyed the altar where the stone of truth must be 
settled, but only in such a way that it will only make it hard to them to repair it and put the stone back in it's place, let's just say that it was really visible the intention of delaying them long enough so he could arrange an ambush at the exit of the cage.
this part is a little to short but this is because it is just a transitional part, and because i like to make clifhangers, don't worry all will be explained soon
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August 10, 2016
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