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"Welcome everyone, this night we'll have two special guests, they will try to survive the game with no rules, stay tuned and forget me if I borrowed this format from one of our contestants, don't worry there will be more than the two special guests but the others were known to appear in here, also the format is not the only thing I borrowed from that player but in the end it doesn't matter he will not be able to reach this room in time to save you all so you should not worry for that." said the anchorman
"Damn he really likes to hear his voice, I mean I do this thing to but I am not this stupid." said Joker
"Hey, calm down the special guests are Fear and Drack so there is nothing to worry" replied Tim
"Soo.. now, let's introduce the contestants, we have the bat family, the joker and his girl, the multimillionaire lawyer and Crystal lake killer Jason Vorhees, the guy from your nightmares Freddy Krueger, the two sisters that ruled that pony universe along with their six pupils and some of their enemies and former friends and as for the special guests there are the two dare devils that dared to try getting this monsters out of this show and save you as well, count Dracula and Fear" the anchorman spoke again
"Damn that guy really likes how his voice sounds, pity that his has almost the whole gang in here, the only ones that are missing are Moth, Jersey, Mother slime and Lady terror, I mean he really under estimates us as a force" said Drake
"I don't think he does, but you are right, he underestimates someone in here, and that is The collector and The game master as well as me and Parker, but let's not jump over to conclusions to soon, he is having ace there with him so he might have an advantage, you know how I am when there is a situation like this one, I am afraid I can lose you all in here, even without the tricks he <<borrowed>> from jigsaw, I'll only have one thing to ask you, if we end in some trap chambers filled with one of those traps let me behind, you know well why." said Fear
"Ok so now that we are in the arena what will happen with us?" asked Harley
"Nothing good, I can assure you, this guy stole all of Jigsaw traps, and plans to use them to kill us all, but you have me here now, so that won't be a problem." Said fear
"Tony, yay we are saved!" added Harley
"Don't be so sure, something tells me that Jigsaws traps would be the least of our troubles in this arena" stated Tim
the gang was trapped by a nuts man in an arena  where that guy thinks he could kill them once and for all, but he clearly underestimates Fear's determination, also the man is using some tricks joker used to control the spectators which are watching this live on TV. So yeah the gang has a lot to face this time, this story will let you see Fear's true face, but not just now, this is the introduction of the players
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Submitted on
September 4, 2016
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