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"Don't tell me that..." said the guy
"Uhum, he did that..." said the other one
"Are you sure? Cause I don't want to go verify that thing."said the first guy
"Oh come on, how many times did Fear made things like this, I mean how come you can forgot that time he almost killed us all, and by the way,why are you afraid we are safe, we were saved by him being that impulsive and acting on instinct, come on Moth, don't be a jerk, I know that we are only four but we can make it trough this."
"I know that Jersey" said moth "is just that he entered in a very dangerous game, with an equally dangerous plan, and let's not forgot that he is a little nuts."
"Either way we are facing a big problem, that guy kidnapped the g8 leaders and some very important people from the other important political organisations, and now we need to move in and try to get them out so if you guys have stopped the whining me and Mira have come up with a plan for saving them" said Lady Terror
"Um I don't think that is possible Christine, he knows we are not in the game, he just told on TV that if we try to save them or the world leaders we will have some real troubles, apparently he hacked the computer of the death star and it pointed it's ray to the Earth" said Mira
"He what?!!" asked the others.
"Now we're fucked, not quit, Fear just sent me a message, he said he didn't got the IA's" said Mira.
"How, did he...Was he blinking?" asked Jersey
"Umm yeah, he was using the Morse."
"Great thinking, we only have one problem tough, the IA's are locked on moon, and it will be a problem to reach them, cause that will be a noticeable action" said moth
"Hey, let's smile, we have a chance to get to them but it will be a big detour to be made, our hopes won't be shattered so soon, he used the Morse to give us the key of this puzzle" said Jersey

let's smile by mr-Sy

Mature Content
the remaining characters from the game with no rules (…)
had received the plan of Fear for saving the world from that mysterious mad man that kidnapped them
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September 20, 2016
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Mature Content