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<<So... this is the end, huh? It could've been better... or worse, i could've killed all my friends in there, it was a miracle they survived and are waiting for me outside. So... all i need to pass to get to them is just a moron with an AK? Heh easy pick, after all in this war I fight there is no good or bad nor gods vs Demons or rich vs poor, it is just who know best how to live another day and i'm very good at this thing, this is my game, my hunt, and i'm very skilled with the colt to fear a machine-gun, even a portable one.>> he look's at the ammunition <<Heh, only six bullets left, welp, let's do this shit, he he, the sucker would never find what hit him before it's to late. In the game of predator and pray survives the one with the most will and biggest luck, yeah being smart could help but it don't make a noticeable difference, not when you're facing me anyway, because if you mess with the one that managed to near kill the devil trice, you know there will be trouble awaiting ahead, but if you are stupid enough to hit the mine while it is armed you must face that the possibility of you dieing there is pretty damn high.>> thought Fear while he was heading to the only obstacle that stand between him and his only way to get out of this crumbling building, a terrorist with an AK.
a statement that shows the jungle law perfectly, told you by the only guy who made that law the only one he will ever obey, Tony the Fear, and a great insight of his true way of thinking
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November 21, 2016
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