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While our friends tried to figure a way to fight this threat, a new character enters in the scene, unaware of the troubles that her arrival might start. This figure has a spike of royalty in her but also hides a dark secret and she might be unaware that yet another known figure of our friends started on a similar mission like her, the only difference, this figure might be way more dangerous than the first one and more annoying... wait some secs guys, i really need to tell her that she must shut up! while i write this part of the story, hope you understand this sweetheart!... so moving onwards: our heroes are currently up in the X-mas morning and try to figure up what to do, on baker street (youp he already knows that k?).
"Sherlock open up, I don't have all the day!" shouted Fear
"'s 5 am on X-mas and it's raining, what do you want?" asked a sleepy voice
"Watson we need Sherlock and you up and running, the prince is here for god sake, now get up and let me tell you what happens." said Arachne... wait a minute Rachne (told you to shut up! and yeah I've done that for the readers.)
"What?! How come the queen is missing!?" asked Sherlock and Watson
"Honestly i have no idea, you already know that some things aren't under my jurisdiction in this world, and so i have little to zero control over them" said Fear
"This aren't good news, last time this happened you've lost your powers in the worst moment ever." stated Sherlock
"I know, I just don't control all of the things in this world, i never did."
"Ok, so what is the plan?" asked Sherlock
"I called up all the gang but our fine group already found out, because of someone that can't shut up and really tries to piss me of!"
"Ha ha, oh i know how pushy she can be, but i'd be more worried on the others if i were you."
"Heh, thanks Holmes I needed that, and you are right um, guys please can you keep down till later? we already have two problems that our readers know of we don't need to spoil the other one, K?"
"What was all of that for? who you and Sherlock were talking with?" asked TFS
"Trust me, you really don't want to know." assured her Lilith "Now can we move on what we will do for the wonderland and this world?" asked her.
"Heh, if things would've been so simple Lilith he would've finished them even before that girl to meet Arachne" said a voice from a mysterious figure that stood in the rain in the door of Sherlock's home.
few more characters and members of the gang introduced the two mysterious figures that i was talking about and with which i had interactions in this part have already appeared in my stories before so let's play a game if you guess who i was talking with and which is the last character introduced in the story i will ad an OC of yours or a favorite marvel or DC character in the next chapter, but you need to be very careful with your pic
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December 27, 2016
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