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"We are having bigger troubles than a wild Chimera looking beast on the lose, guys!" said fear after receiving an SMS
"What troubles, what can be more important than a monster outbreak in England?" asked Krampus
"This!" said fear showing him the text of the message: <<The King is dead, long live the King! You have 24h to save the queen and stop the invasion, good luck!>>
"We are doomed, this implies that the creature back there is a part of the invasion. and we now need to stop it" said Krampus
"I don't think so, but it worth tested, take your team, Lilith and Zoe and see what you could do I will go see where the queen is with Arachne and her new disciple" said Fear

30 mins later

In front of the gates of Buckingham 
palace a carriage pulled of and from it a men and two women descended, the gates were immediately open and they entered in the palace, there the prince was waiting them in front of the gates:
"Welcome, I saw the carriage and knew it was you, so what made you come so early and on this rain to the palace?" asked the prince
"Actually I've came for your mother, Charles is she in here, I think she's in danger, and I have reasons to believe that who kidnapped her is planing a monster invasion in England if not in the whole UK or British islands" said Fear "And this is the reason I came and this is why I have Arachne and her new disciple with me" he added
"That's a nonsense no one can ever kidnap my mother, and she is resting now in her bedroom!" said Charles
"Are you sure? Cause this message is not a joke!" said fear showing him the message "Let's check her room, I am sure that if she is there she will accept the explanation I will give her, but what if she is not there?" he added

After that they went to the queen's chamber only to find it empty with a note on her bed that told them that they have only 12 hours to stop it. They returned to the meeting room where Fear called Krampus to notify him about the curent state, only to find out that the chimera thing was only 
Mary that was trying to warn them over this.

"Well this sucks, are you sure the queen of hearts is missing?" asked Fear
"Yeah, why, what happened?"asked Krampus
"Queen Elizabeth is also missing and we were noticed that we only have 12 hours till this happens. did 
Mary told you other things? Did she figured out what invasion is this about?"
"She told me that she thinks is a take over, but that she is not sure what kind of invasion it actually is."
"OK we will keep the touch, either way alert the gang we will need the full force just to be sure." said Fear before closing up "So good and bad news, god news that monster was 
Mary  bad news we still have an invasion and it can be a monster one and even worst news it happens in wonderland to, the queen of hearts is missing!" he told to the others that were in the room.
B-day gift for,
happy B-Day TFS!!!
also appart from the already known charcthers Marry belongs to Lycandope from literotica here is her story:…
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October 18, 2016
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