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    Somewhere in a distant world lies a girl that had all that a girl could want but one thing, she wasn't happy. Now our story starts long before the girl was born, there was a great kingdom that had fought endless wars and changed so many rulers that even the universe lost their count, in that kingdom one of the kings was cursed and tough his whole family was, this curse was both a blessing and a curse and it said that after the 50th generation of rulers a great tyrant will be born and the kingdom will be torn apart, so this king had done the most unbelievable thing in the world, he searched for the poorest of all men he had in the kingdom and handed him the crown letting this man to rule over the kingdom while he and his whole court will go into exile.
    Now let's turn back to our unhappy and rich girl, she was a descendent of that poor man, which was a thief and a beggar and a rebel against the court but which has brought a golden age to the kingdom because he was also a wise man. she was the cousin of the princess of this kingdom, and the princess was ready to merry the 50th descendent of that cursed king and become the ruler of both the nomads and the kingdom. The only thing the cursed king didn't knew was that the witch that has cursed him was the wife of the poor man he had given the throne, and that she also cursed her blood line to have merciless and just kings but that the women to be more attracted to fighting and witchery than other things and to be more merciless than the men.
    So her curse had become real, or will become anyway, but our girl knew that her ancestor let an escape pod for this to not happen, only the direct descendent of her and of that king will put an end to the golden age becoming those tyrants the old prophecy tell about. And this is her unhappiness source, due to some ancient laws she couldn't inherit the throne only if the current king or queen gives her the throne, so by now she would have to start a new civil war to save the kingdom, either way the kingdom will have a new terror brought upon it, being the war or the tyranny.
    The fate of the kingdom was in her hands and she couldn't do anything to stop the faithful marriage to happen, nor risk the alternative, so in one night she fled from the castle and never looked back to the princess again. she took her a husband from the nomads but she had disposed of her cousin and become free from her reign, she still lived in the kingdom but never accepted her new queen, so she had trained rebels to instigate to revolts against her rules.
    Years pass and the queen and her descendants rule a tyranny regime in the kingdom and her cousin also instigates more and more revolts which end up putting the country trough a civil war that ends at the death of the last of the queen's descendants, our girl being much younger than the queen is still a great wise woman which let a new dynasty to rule the kingdom, but now the time has come for her and her daughter to go on an epic journey to save the kingdom once again.And this time the danger came from ancient myths.
new story I am sure you will be thrilled to read
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Submitted on
October 2, 2016
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